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Guide to the Member's Area:

Inside the member’s area you will find a variety of useful webpages to aide you as a tax lien and tax deed investor. The following is a list of the pages you will find in the member’s area and a brief description of what you will find on each page.

International Clients:

This page’s contains an abundance of useful information geared towards our International clients. On this page you will find instructions on how to use the PinPay Soft Card, how to obtain an EIN number and much more.

Member Resources:

This page contains links to numerous websites that are very helpful for tax lien and tax deed investors. There are also some document downloads that are free for our members to use.

Online Auctions:

This page contains links to all of the online tax lien and tax deed auction sites. On this page our members will have direct links to the sites that enable them to purchase tax liens and tax deeds online from anywhere in the world.


This page contains the most commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions provided by Saen Higgins and Tony Martinez.


This page contains definitions for terms and phrases that are unique to the field of real estate and tax lien investing.