About Us

The Mission of The U.S. Tax Lien Association is to use all of our talents, knowledge, and resources to help make the lives of other people significantly better, to help solve the greatest challenges of our culture, and to only benefit personally in proportion to benefiting the prosperity of the lives of other people.

Why We're in Business

One of the most important questions we ask ourselves is, "why are we in business?"

We didn’t just pose the question to ourselves as owners of the business; we’ve sat in a boardroom as a team, and answered the question collectively. And, we didn’t just answer the question once; we continue to have very deep meaningful discussions about our purpose for being in business.

Rather than write an essay on why we’re in business, we thought we would simply give you the list of answers that were given by the group. You’ll notice that there’s some redundancy due to the fact that we purposely did not edit the list. Well, except for spelling errors. This is a dynamic list that grows, shifts, and evolves.

Here's Why We're in Business

#1 To be the #1 resource in the world for the best information, training, and resources for successful Tax Lien Certificate investing.
#2 To inspire, train, and equip others so that they can achieve their financial and personal dreams.
#3 To provide the ongoing support structure necessary to help our clients achieve the success they desire.
#4 To provide a better life for all of our stakeholders (clients, employees, business partners, joint venture partners, society, and vendors).
#5 To give people hope – not hope in a wishful thinking sort of way, but the type of hope that gives life, strength, and courage.
#6 To make a large profit by creating extreme value for all of our stakeholders, while making a positive difference in the world.
#7 To help our clients become truly wealthy… financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and mentally – and not necessarily in that order.
#8 To do our part in making a positive difference in the world.
#9 To help solve the greatest everyday challenges people face today by giving them access to the best resources for permanent – predictable – positive transformation.
#10 To give people the tools and resources to have FREEDOM: financial freedom, time freedom, emotional freedom… just plain freedom.

We know… this may all sound a bit idealistic. However, these are the ideals that we pride ourselves on, and it is conversations like these that we will continue to have in order to grow personally, as a team, and as a company.

In short, our purpose is:

"To positively transform the lives of other people to give them the freedom to live the lifestyle of their dreams, and impact the world because of it."