Make This Summer Your Financial Springboard - by Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez is the Founder and Chairman of the US Tax Lien Association, which is an organization that is committed and dedicated to helping others achieve total financial freedom through the power of investing in Tax Lien Certificates. With over 30 years of expert experience, Tony is the world's #1 authority on the subject of creating enduring wealth through the little know strategy of investing in Tax Lien Certificates, which gives anyone the opportunity to earn guaranteed fixed rates of returns of 18% – 36% interest per year, and acquire valuable real estate for approximately 10% of market value.

There is nothing quite like summer. It is the perfect time to explore opportunities, reach new heights, and enjoy those sought after destinations. Possibly fueled by the warm weather, this is the time we seem to push ourselves a little harder to achieve our dreams.

Now is no better time to put your tax lien and tax deed knowledge to work. The extra daylight hours are energizing, allowing you more time each day to apply to your home business. Utilize the daylight by driving prospective investment properties, working on your laptop outside or even taking business calls poolside. Work and research doesn’t have to be done in the confines of your office; make it a habit to mix it up. Also consider traveling to an auction or two, experiencing them live is extremely educational.

If you choose to make this summer season a starting point for stepping up your research game, remember to carry the momentum into the fall and winter months. Don’t be discouraged if you have yet to make a lien or deed purchase. Make an effort to push yourself harder and think about why exactly that is. Are you finishing the due diligence in time for the auction? Is there a step you’re still not comfortable with? Whatever it is, make a move to quell any fears and educate yourself further. Confidence comes from experience, so keep it up!

There are plenty of auctions to pick from this summer. Consider Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Maryland. Those aren’t even all of the states hosting their monthly or annual auctions in the coming months! The only limits are the ones you set for yourself. So take a deep breath, make a plan, and buckle down.

Now I’ll have to wrap up today’s article by also reminding you to have a little fun. I make a point to plan a get-away with the family at least once a year. That too is powerfully energing.

Tony Martinez

TLC Amount: $118.15

Pays You: 15% Interest / Year

645 Church St, Bound Brook, NJ

2683 sq. ft.
14,810 sq. ft.


Assessed Value:
Market Value: