Training Module 7 |

Training Module 7

Now that you’ve completed our FREE 7-Day Mini-Course on investing in Tax Lien Certificates, we would greatly appreciate it if you will please leave us a review. What value did you receive from watching the video series? Do you have a better understanding of the tax lien certificate investment strategy? What were some of your “takeaways” from watching the video series?

We appreciate you as a student, and value your review!

Thank you in advance,

Tony and Saen
Founders, U.S. Tax Lien Association

Name: SaucyDirl


Great Course

I greatly enjoyed this 7 day training. That’s saying a lot because I don’t normally enjoy this sort of thing. I’m anxious to start investing in tax liens. I only gave this course a 4 because of the “now or never again at this price” that appeared twice. First after buying the “Top 10 Costly Mistakes” video and again with the extra video with the 4th lesson for in-person training. I find these pressure tactics offensive, and to me it devalues the training. If you really believed your training is that good, you wouldn’t need these tactics to get people to sign up impulsively. The value of the training would stand on its own. In that case, the best prices would be at the end of the free course with at least a week for students to decide if more training is right for them, and how they’re going to pay for it. Other than that, I would recommend this training to everyone.

Name: Jimbo



I’ve enjoyed the mini series and will be getting extended training.

Name: Gater


Amazing introduction information

I thought that all the information was very good to help me get a basic knowledge of tax certificates and how the process works.

Name: Benon


Great way to create excitement about the subject

I am very happy that I bought this course end of June. At first I went through my usual priorities but now that I started I can’t stop. If I knew today where to get my first lien I would buy immediately. That’s how convincing the class has been.

Name: Moneymaker


Valuable insider info!

I’ve been seeking a viable method to grow my wealth and am very excited about the possibilities of TLC’s! Working together you guys do a great job of making complicated information understandable on the videos.You play off each other well. I find the Creating Wealth Without Risk book well organized and stuffed with priceless details. Thanks for your savvy contribution to the industry knowledge.

Name: Jacks



thank you very much I have Saens book wealth without risk i was kind of stuck until your mini vidios .I would like to thank you again for getting me going again I hope to see more informative money makeing instrutions THANKS.

Name: George


You have opened a door for me to start over.

This was a very informative presentation and .I will starting soon.

Name: Ginger



Helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing this series with me.

Training Module 7:

Case Studies – A Showcase of Actual Case Studies
for Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds

by Tony Martinez and Saen Higgins

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