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As with all investments, there is always an element of risk. Even if the interest rates are written into state government law, mandated by state government law, and are regulated by state government law, there is a chance of you losing part or all of your investment. You must always try to get the best education and practice safe investing, no matter which investment vehicle you choose.

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Do You Need Hurricane Insurance By Saen Higgins

If you live or own real estate in hurricane prone regions, you may or may not need a separate policy that covers hurricane damage. I wish real estate investing could be black and white, but just like so many other topics today’s has some grey areas.

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How to Safely Invest

Investment Property Stumbling Block

For our students who are deep into researching tax deed or tax lien properties, they will often stumble across what is generally referred to as a property transfer history. A property transfer history is exactly what it sounds like. You can see record of who the previous owners ...

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Are there Risks?

Some of the Risks Associated with Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Foreclosed Homes can obviously be extremely lucrative investment strategies; so what are the risk factors one should know about. The more obvious risk factors are: bankruptcy, IRS liens, environmental issues, worthless lands, condemned structures, undesirable neighborhoods, and industrial properties. You may be thinking, “sounds risky.” ...

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What's Special About Redeemable Deeds? by Saen Higgins

One of my favorite investment vehicles within the arena of property tax related investments is the redeemable deed. In my view, a redeemable deed offers the best features of a tax lien and a tax deed A redeemable deed is similar to a property tax lien in many regards...

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Why You Should Feel Good About Investing in Tax Liens by Saen Higgins

I always remind our students that property taxes are very important; the revenue collected from them provides countless services to communities across the nation. Property taxes not only help pay for city needs on a large scale, such as improving education and building police and fire stations...

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How Long Does it Take to Become Successful? by Tony Martinez

‘How soon will I make money if I start investing in tax liens? What about tax deeds?’ As the old saying goes ‘If I had a dollar for every time I am asked those questions…I would be wealthy!’ The fact is, there is no real way to accurately answer those questions.

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Saen Higgins Asks: What is Your "Why"?

People do not get involved in tax liens and deeds because they are bored and are looking to fill up their time. Our clients frequently ask themselves and us, ‘how am I going to find the time to do this?’ With work and/or a personal life, this new investing endeavor can be a daunting prospect

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