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Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn:

  1. How to safely invest in Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deed Properties from the comfort of your own home.
  2. How to safely acquire valuable real estate at huge discounts through tax lien investing for the price of the back taxes, penalties, and interest. Public record documentation provided.
  3. The step-by-step process for safely investing in tax lien certificates that pay fixed secured returns up 18% to 25% interest per year.
  4. How to safely build a portfolio of valuable real estate assets with a consistent monthly cashflow through tax lien investing, even if you’re starting with extremely limited capital.
  5. The #1 most important lesson you must know BEFORE you get started. It’s the biggest mistake beginner’s make.

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Here’s More of What You’ll Learn:

  1. Where and how to find lists of tax lien certificates and tax deed properties.
  2. How you can safely earn up to 25% interest per year in your retirement account. Tax lien certificates are a qualified investment vehicle for retirement accounts.
  3. Irrefutable proof via public record documentation of our 32+ year track record of tax lien investment expert experience and success. Public record documentation provided.
  4. You’ll learn the realistic turnaround time to make a profit.
  5. You’ll learn realistically how much capital you need to get started.

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When You Invest in Tax Liens & Tax Deeds Properly There are Only 2 Possible Investment Outcomes:

#1 You Earn Fixed Secured Returns up to 25% Interest Per Year

The Law Dictates How Much You Earn!

Georgia Pays

Interest per Year

"The owner, creditor, or any other person with interest in the property, must pay the purchaser the amount paid for the property at tax sale, plus 20% premium for the first year or fraction of a year..."

(Title 48, Section 48-4-42)

Iowa Pays

Interest per Year

"Interest accrues on a tax sale certificate at a rate of 2% per month, or a maximum of 24% interest per year, counting each fraction of a month as an entire month, from the month of purchase..."

(Title X, Section 447.1)

Texas Pays

Interest per Year

"The owner of real esttate property sold at a tax sale may redeem the property... by paying the purchaser the amount the purchaser bid for the property... plus a redemption premium of 25%..."

(Section 34.21)


#2 You Acquire Valuable Real Estate at Huge Discounts!

Actual Tax Deed Properties Acquired by Our Valued Clients

A gray cape-style house with red shutters.
Jeremy & Tabatha
Total Purchase Price
A light-blue cape-style home with brick stairs and white accents
Daniel R.
Total Purchase Price
A single-story red brick home with a brick chimney
Wayne W.
Total Purchase Price

Important - Please Read!

  • Acquisition price is total purchase price, not a down payment.
  • Properties are owned free and clear with no mortgage.

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Tony Martinez is the Founder and CEO of the U.S. Tax Lien Association, and has over 32 years of expert experience investing in tax lien certificates & tax deed properties, and has the public record documentation to prove it. It’s the track record you can trust and verify!

He’s been helping people achieve their financial goals through the power of investing in tax liens and tax deeds for over 27 years, and is the #1 authority in America.

Our New Free Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Property Online Crash Course gives you the opportunity to learn all of the most important information beginner’s need to get started right, and you’ll learn it all right from the comfort of your own home.

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