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As with all investments, there is always an element of risk. Even if the interest rates are written into state government law, mandated by state government law, and are regulated by state government law, there is a chance of you losing part or all of your investment. You must always try to get the best education and practice safe investing, no matter which investment vehicle you choose.

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Why Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deed Properties are Perfect for Today’s Economy by Tony Martinez

Proactivity is an absolute necessity in today’s economic environment... Financial security, financial stability, and financial dependability are more important today than ever before...

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How to Safely Invest

Investment Property Stumbling Block by Tony Martinez

For our students who are deep into researching tax deed or tax lien properties, they will often stumble across what is generally referred to as a property transfer history. A property transfer history is exactly what it sounds like. You can see record of who the previous owners ...

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Are there Risks?

Some of the Risks Associated with Tax Lien Investing by Tony Martinez

Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Foreclosed Homes can obviously be extremely lucrative investment strategies; so what are the risk factors one should know about. The more obvious risk factors are: bankruptcy, IRS liens, environmental issues, worthless lands, condemned structures, undesirable neighborhoods, and industrial properties. You may be thinking, “sounds risky.” ...

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Four Ways COVID has Affected Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Property Investing by Tony Martinez

COVID has been giving all of us headaches for more than a year and half. Whether it’s masks, lockdowns, product shortages, or a crippled supply chain, everyone has been troubled or inconvenienced by the its fallout.

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Five Steps to Securing Capital for a Deal by Tony Martinez

There’s an old adage in investing that “It take money to make money.” While this is usually true, before you can get the money you need, you must give investors a reason to give it to you.

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Two Charts that Suggest the Housing Market is Nearing a Repeat of 2007 by Tony Martinez

The housing market continues to climb as low inventories and high building costs push prices higher. However, the end of the foreclosure moratorium is helping to increase housing inventories and is providing much needed supply for homebuyers

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What Does Rising Inflation Mean for Tax Liens and Deeds? By Tony Martinez

Rising inflation is front-page news as the prices of commodities, groceries, and especially building materials have been rising drastically. Inflation is the rising cost of goods and services.

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What Should Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investors Learn from BlackRock Real Estate Purchases? By Tony Martinez

Many real estate investors think these private equity funds are helping feed another real estate market bubble. So, why are private equity firms buying up real estate, and what does it mean for tax lien and tax deed investors?

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Is the American Dream of Homeownership over? Tony Martinez

Karl W. Smith argued that affordability and stability in housing has come to an end, and people should begin to embrace renting to buying. In 2004, homeownership reached a peak of 69% but has been trending lower.

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The Tax Lien Apprentice: Determining a Focus

Follow the story of a beginner tax lien investor, Ryan, through the Tax Lien Apprentice series.

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