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US Tax Lien Association Malaysia

U.S. Tax Lien Association Presents…

2-Day Intensive Tax Lien Workshop

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Tuesday & Wednesday, October 8th-9th, 2013
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. both days
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Eshan
Hotel Website

Each Class is Strictly Limited to 60 Students
~ Sorry No Exceptions ~

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You Can Download Your 2 Valuable Tickets
($4,000 MYR Value Per Ticket)

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Here’s Just Some of the Powerful Information
You’ll Learn When You Attend:


You’ll Learn How to Acquire Valuable Houses for 5 – 10 Cents on the Dollar and Own Free and Clear with No Mortgage. Documented proof provided!
You’ll Learn How to Safely Earn Guaranteed Fixed Rates of Return of 16% – 36% Interest per Year Completely Secured by the Government. Documented proof of the law provided!
You’ll Learn How to Secure a Consistent, Predictable Monthly Cash Flow of an Extra $1,200.00 per Month, $4,700.00 per Month, $9,300.00 per Month, or Even More! Documented proof provided!
You’ll Learn How to Earn Large Chunks of MoneyAs Much As $30,000.00 To $100,000.00+ per Transaction Through a Simple and Specialized Technique Called "TR Property Acquisition." Documented proof provided!
You’ll Learn How to Acquire Highly Profitable Tax Lien Certificates and Valuable Tax Resale Properties for as Little as $100. Yes, You Can Get Started With as Little as $100, or Even Less. Documented proof provided!
You’ll Learn How to Make a Fortune Investing in Tax Lien Certificates Completely in Your Spare Time in as Little as 4 – 10 hours per Week.
You’ll Learn the Almost Unknown Technique of "Assignment Purchasing" Where You Can Safely and Easily Acquire The Most Profitable Tax Lien Certificates Anywhere in the U.S. All From the Comfort of Your Own Home. All you need is a computer and a telephone.
You’ll Learn How to Safely and Consistently Earn 16% To 36% Guaranteed Fixed Rates of Return in Your Retirement Accounts. Documented Proof Provided!
You’ll Learn the 3 Hottest Markets You Must Invest in Right Now to Earn the Highest Guaranteed Profits in the Shortest Period of Time.
You’ll Learn How to Quickly and Easily Determine The Best Markets to Invest In and Which Markets You Must Avoid.
You’ll Learn Where to go to Get All of the Exact Information You Need to Acquire Tax Lien Certificates Anywhere in the U.S. Right from the Comfort of Your Own Home.
You’ll Learn the 7 Deadliest Mistakes Uninformed Tax Lien Certificate Investors Make, and Exactly How to Avoid Most Any Possible Risk.


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I look forward to see you very soon, and helping you achieve all of your financial dreams.

To Your Success,

Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez

P.S. This amazing hands-on, completely interactive, intensive training workshop is strictly limited to 60 students maximum per class – sorry no exceptions. This limit assures the effectiveness of your learning experience.

P.P.S. Just a reminder that everyone must have a physical ticket to get in the door. Once you register, you can download your valuable tickets immediately.