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Mental Acuity Training

bigstock-strong-brain-re-300x227Long-term mental acuity training is important because today the world is changing faster than ever. Not only is work more demanding, but personal relationships are as well. We need to be flexible and adaptable in order to stay sharp and relevant.
No matter your age, now is the time to begin conditioning your mind for long-term acuity. You can do this by developing regular habits that aid in your mental development. I began incorporating mind-challenging habits into my daily routine years ago and find them to not only be fun, but very rewarding.

Fortunately, they are easy to establish. Here are some of Saen’s and my favorites:

Subscribe to an acclaimed business magazine, either in paper form or online. Remember, you must read the articles. Give yourself time to digest the material and think of ways that it relates to you, or how you can benefit from any lessons discussed.

Download a few podcasts and listen to them while driving. A couple options are NPR’s Planet Money or Freakonomics Radio. The broadcasts will keep you in the know and will provide excellent conversation topics. Remember to share what you learn; it will easily replace meaningless small talk at social events.

Ask questions. I know it can be hard, but don’t pretend to know everything about every topic. Encourage yourself to ask questions if you need help understanding something.

Be prepared to change. An excellent trait, and one you can learn, is being able to change your mind on a topic. If evidence is presented and a rational argument backs it up, it’s okay to shift on your previous convictions. Don’t worry, you won’t be accused of ‘flip flopping.’

Set new goals for yourself. Yes, I know we suggest this often. It will not only carve a path to success for you but will keep you sharp!

Learn how to research. This seems basic, but I know there are people out there who will stumble across something they don’t know and won’t do anything about it. Hit the books, Google it, ask a more experienced person. Whatever it is, actively seek clarity.

Read a book. In addition to reading business magazines, pick up a self-improvement book or a book that came recommended to you. You’ll be exposed to more new ideas, and will expand your vocabulary. In addition, you’ll likely learn other ways to improve your mental acuity.

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