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As with all investments, there is always an element of risk. Even if the interest rates are written into state government law, mandated by state government law, and are regulated by state government law, there is a chance of you losing part or all of your investment. You must always try to get the best education and practice safe investing, no matter which investment vehicle you choose.

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How to Invest When You’re Cash Poor By Tony Martinez

We have so many students walk into our highly educational seminars asking the same question, “how can I invest in tax liens and deeds if I have no cash?” We do offer higher-level training that will introduce students to strategies involving raising investor funds, but today’s article isn’t about that.

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How to Safely Invest

Investment Property Stumbling Block

For our students who are deep into researching tax deed or tax lien properties, they will often stumble across what is generally referred to as a property transfer history. A property transfer history is exactly what it sounds like. You can see record of who the previous owners ...

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Are there Risks?

Some of the Risks Associated with Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Foreclosed Homes can obviously be extremely lucrative investment strategies; so what are the risk factors one should know about. The more obvious risk factors are: bankruptcy, IRS liens, environmental issues, worthless lands, condemned structures, undesirable neighborhoods, and industrial properties. You may be thinking, “sounds risky.” ...

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Saen Higgins on DIY Valuation - A Beginner's Guide

Your ability to estimate the value of a property is crucial in this business for obvious reasons. For out of state, foreign, and even domestic investors, how do you determine the value of a property? What factors affect value? I will discuss some of our methods to collect the data that will help you determine

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My Thoughts After Training in Cleveland - by Tony Martinez

Our 3-day intensive workshops are gold mines for article ideas. By the time you read this article, I will have just finished speaking at a workshop in Cleveland, OH. To take my mind off of the cold weather, I took a moment to write this article about our solutions to a couple of helpful questions.

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Investing out of State: What to Know - by Saen Higgins

Our clients are increasingly purchasing properties out of state. Implementing improvements or repairs on properties that are not within easy reach can seem intimidating. As always, I want to alleviate these worries and describe our strategies that will make long distance tax deed or lien investing seamless.

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Get out of Your Own Way - Reviewing Common Mistakes - by Tony Martinez

The mistakes I will discuss in this article are deadly because they are self inflicted. You should never block your own path to stability and financial freedom, yet we see this happen frequently. There is never a legitimate excuse or reason not to move forward with your tax deed and tax lien investing business. Below are 5 mistakes we hear and see on a regular basis.

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