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“The Top 10 Costly Mistakes Beginning and Uniformed
Tax Lien Certificate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them”


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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

100% Avoidable?
Risk #1: The Property Owner Files Bankruptcy
Risk #2: The IRS Files a Lien Against the Property
Risk #3: Environmental Issues
Risk #4: Undesirable / Worthless Properties
Risk #5: High Competition Markets
Risk #6: Clouded and/or Uninsurable Title
Risk #7: Undesirable / Unsafe neighborhoods
Risk #8: Inaccurate and Incomplete Information
Risk #9: Poor or No Due Diligence Process
Risk #10: Distinguishing Between Tax Lien Myths & Tax Lien Facts

Plus Tony & Saen’s Proprietary 14-Point Research and Evaluation Process!

“The Top 10 Costly Mistakes Beginning and Uninformed Tax Lien Certificate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them” Video Training is a culmination of over 20 years of expert experience successfully investing in Government-Issued Tax Lien Certificates.

Successful Tax Lien Certificate investing begins with knowing and avoiding these common mistakes.
Avoiding the most common mistakes is not complicated; it’s simply a matter of knowing what they are, then following our simple strategy to eliminate each one of them.

This powerful and essential video training discusses each of these common mistakes in complete detail, and then walks you step-by-step through the simple and necessary strategy to avoid each one.

Once you complete this incredible training, you’ll have a thorough understanding why we firmly believe that Tax Lien Certificates are the safest and most lucrative investment strategy for your current and future financial success.

Here are the First 2 Steps to
Successful Tax Lien Certificate Investing…
Step #1: Know the Top 10 Mistakes
to Avoid
Step #2: Follow the Simple Step-by-Step Method to Eliminate Each One

Avoiding the most common mistakes when investing in Tax Lien Certificates is neither complicated nor difficult. As a matter of fact, our risk avoidance strategy is a simple process, a basic recipe if you will. After 20 years of successful Tax Lien Certificate investing, we’ve identified each common mistake you must know about, and designed the simple step-by-step process that avoids each one.

Having completed over 2,000 successful Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed transactions for our own portfolio over these past 2 decades gave us the opportunity to encounter basically every possible mistake that exists. We then invested the time and resources necessary to design, develop, and perfect the simple and effective system to avoid each one.

When you
~ Avoid the Costly Mistakes ~
There are only two outcomes…

Investment Outcome #1:

The Tax Lien Certificate Redeems, and You Earn Secured High Interest Rate of 16%, 18%, 25%, or even 36% per year.

Supporting Property Tax Code Example
The owner, creditor, or any other person with interest in the property, must pay the tax deed purchaser, the amount paid for the property at tax sale, plus 20% premium for the first year or fraction of a year, plus any taxes paid on the property by the purchaser after the sale, plus any special assessment on the property.” (O.C.G.A.§ 48-4-42)

Investment Outcome #2:

The Tax Lien Certificate does not Redeem, and You Own Valuable Real Estate Free and Clear with No Mortgage for Pennies on the Dollar.

Supporting Property Tax Code Example
Tax foreclosure will result in the loss of ownership of the property and all rights of all interested partiesThe title to the property will be free and clear from all liens, claims and encumbrances. (O.C.G.A.§ 48-4-42)

Here are a few Actual Tax Lien
Certificate Investment Examples…

In each case, the investor knew how to
Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Pays You
Interest / Year

TLC Amount: $794

Pays You
Interest / Year

TLC Amount: $2265

Pays You
Interest / Year

TLC Amount: $1358

In each example, you either earn a secured high interest rate,
or by law, you own the property free and clear with no mortgage

Want More Information?
Please Keep Reading…

Dispelling the “High Risk – High Reward” Myth by Tony Martinez

Even the safest investments in the world can have some element of risk. Historically, many have ascribed to the belief that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. This belief means that if I want a high reward, I must be willing to take big risks. If a person believes in this "high risk-high reward" myth, then they may also falsely assume that all high yielding investments entail high risk. For example, when people learn that Tax Lien Certificates pay you fixed rates of returns of 16%, and 18%, and 25% interest per year and higher, some have jumped to the false conclusion that they also entail a high degree of risk. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The challenge with this "high risk-high reward" myth is that if a person believes they must take big risks to become successful, many simply settle for low paying strategies that don’t contribute to their financial security. They settle for a false "either / or" dichotomy – EITHER I can have a high degree of safety and low returns, OR I can take a high degree of risk to possibly receive a high reward.

Tax Lien Certificates completely dispel the "high risk-high reward" myth. With proper due diligence, Tax Lien Certificates can be the safest and highest yieldinginvestment vehicle

in the world. As a matter of fact, when proper due diligence is completed, Tax Lien Certificates entail almost no risk at all, and simultaneously pay you fixed double-digit returns. It’s important to know that the returns you receive are set and enforced by State Government Law, i.e. the interest rate you receive (16% or 18% or 25% etc.) is written into the law, therefore the law mandates how much you get paid. In an economy with so much uncertainty, Tax Lien Certificates give you the opportunity to safely earn fixed, predictable, high returns.

Your financial independence is too important to take risks, and too important to settle for low returns. Tax Lien Certificates give you the opportunity to accelerate your financial success without taking big risks.

Once you know what the risk factors are, and our simple strategy to avoid them, which you’ll learn in our essential video training, "The Top 10 Costly Mistakes Beginning and Uninformed Tax Lien Certificate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them," you can begin experiencing the financial independence you desire, while simultaneously experiencing ultimate safety and security.